At Hostropolis, we like to do things a little different. That's why you won't find the typical in-your-face flashing banners urging you to "act now for a special deal!" on our home page. Instead, we'd like to tell you a little bit about us.

Hostropolis is the brainchild of two experienced and successful entrepreneurs. Combined, our partners have over 35 years experience in building and managing successful high tech companies. We are private, profitable and well-funded.

Our business philosophy is simple: run the most reliable and professional webhosting platform possible. We go the "extra mile" to ensure that we keep our customers happy. At Hostropolis, we put quality of service before quantity of customers.

Before Hostropolis ever served it's first web page, we worked behind the scenes for months to create the most reliable, stable, and customizable platform to host web sites. Our management system was written entirely in-house allowing maximum flexibility for ourselves and our customers.

We are big fans of open source software and use the very secure & reliable Linux operating system with Apache web server software.

Our servers are housed in a world class temperature and humidity controlled data center which is equipped with waterless fire suppression and diesel generators with UPS standby systems. Our Internet connectivity is provided by multiple Tier 1 providers and total network capacity it over 100Gb/sec. In non-technical terms, that's enough bandwidth to transfer the contents of an entire DVD in a fraction of a second.

Most people are not aware that web hosting companies frequently do not supply their own services. Many web hosting companies merely repackage, markup, and resell another company’s service. Hostropolis’ service is just ours and conversely we do not wholesale our services to any third parties for further reselling. This is a very important and often overlooked feature. If you are with Hostropolis, and you need help or have questions, you are in contact with the actual service provider and not a middleman.

If you are looking for a secure and stable home for a personal or business website, you've found it! Whether you are coming from a previous hosting company or setting up your first site, we can assist you with the details.

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